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Marvellas is marvelous. We are the only one to make the passenger footrest that allows the rider to put their feet up and ahead (that we know of). We also make the a trailer hitch for the Kawasaki VoyagerXII. We have also add a few more products that you can find under Other Items.

We, Marv and Ella started this company to improve the passengers ride making it more comfortable. That is how the footrest and trunk extenders came about. We have been riding about 10 years now, and have had two cycle. We now have a VoyagerXII and really like it. It is a 1999 that beautiful dark green At first, Ella was not real comfortable as a passenger and wanted to be able to move her feet and legs more. She would tip the passengers board up and rested her feet on the top of the boards, (That was a no-no) Marv did not like that because she would scuff the side of the bike. They tried to find an adjustable foot rest for the Kawasaki Voyager and could not find them. That is when Marv designed the footrest for Ella. She uses the footrests and really loves them and she would not ride without them. It just gives her more ability to move a little more. We were being asked questions about the footrest at the rallies that we attended. That is when Marv decided to manufacture them.

Just a little update, We have been to all the AVA Rallies since the Cody, WY. in 2003. That was our first Rally ever and we really enjoy all the great people plus we got to see all the beautiful country.

Since we started the company we moved into Rock Valley and live on the edge of town and Marv build a shop for the business there.

We now have 7 different products and couple more are in the planning stages. Perhaps we will be showing them at the Rally at Santa Fe, NM.in July
The word Kawasaki, Model&Style name is a registered trademarks of Kawasaki INC. and are used in reference only. Marvellas is no way associated with Kawasaki.